About Us

KYOWA is a Japanese word which means “today” or “new day.”

The rising red sun logo signifies new beginnings and looking forward to a brighter future for the company,
its employees and its customers.


Manufactured in ISO 9001 Factories

Quality and Safety Tested by TUV Rheinland, a DTI-accredited testing laboratory

Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) & Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Certified


2010, 2011, 2012
Consumer’s Choice
Award Best Rice Cooker Brand

Dangal ng Bayan
Awards Most Outstanding Kitchen Appliance Brand

People’s Choice
Award Most Outstanding Kitchen Appliance Brand

Seal of Product
Award Outstanding Household & Kitchen Appliance Brand

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KYOWA Milestones

1988 – introduced in the market
1990 – renowned for rechargeable lantern
1995 – launching of KYOWA Rice Dispensers
2000 – expanded its kitchen & home appliances
2008 – introduced induction cookers in the market
2014 – began adding commercial rice cookers

Kyowa was first introduced in the Philippine market in 1988. Through the brownout years of the early 1990’s, Kyowa was primarily renowned for its rechargeable lanterns and acknowledged as the leading brand during that era. In 1995, a new major initiative was undertaken with the launching of the Kyowa rice dispensers. Rice dispensers and Kyowa have since become synonymous throughout the Philippines. Starting in the year 2000, Kyowa began aggressively expanding its kitchen/home appliance series. Kyowa rice cooker then became the most wanted home appliance for the average Filipino family.

Kyowa products are manufactured by ISO 9001-certified factories, where production is well-supervised by competent technical professionals. Strict quality control measures are implemented during and after production. Prior to its distribution in the market, Kyowa products also undergo and pass strict quality and safety tests conducted by the leading European testing agency TUV Rheinland, one of the DTI-accredited testing laboratories in the Philippines. Kyowa product models are certified by the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) / Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to be in compliance with the Philippine National Standards (PNS) as covered by the issuance of Import Commodity Clearance (ICC).

Basta May Kyowa, Ginhawa Ka!